Sunday, March 8, 2009

yesterday and today's polaroids + sleepy + exhibition proposal

urvashi, anna maria, florida, 2007

here are two polaroids, one for yesterday and one for today, both of my cousin urvi floating on a raft in the gulf of mexico. the colors are really vivid, especially in the originals. the scan definitely muted them a little.
i am so tired right now, i think i need to go nap or something. it's warm and gray and i have spent all day working on my exhibition proposal for my senior show. they want us to fill out a proposal form and attach written instructions and a diagram for installation for EACH PIECE we are going to show. then we have to make copies of each piece of paper involved, one for us to keep and an extra copy to turn in with the originals. that's a LOT OF PAPERWORK. seriously, it's ridiculous. plus there are some details i don't know, so i have to figure this all out by thursday when the forms are due. and go to kinkos and get these copies made. OY. i'm excited about the show, but i also can't wait until it is over....or at least until the paperwork is over....

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