Friday, March 6, 2009

absolutely hilarious

new year's eve, tampa, florida, 1999 (?)

almost thanksgiving, baltimore, maryland, 2008

on top is a polaroid of my godsister paige and me on new year's eve a long, long time ago. probably about 10 YEARS AGO! we were so excited to have FAKE WINE for new years....we definitely acted like it was so cool, like it was real wine or something....i just wish i could find the racy photo of us posing in front of the fire like we were on a beach or something....HILARIOUS! hey, being twelve is kinda fun....SERIOUSLY! i wish it were all that simple still!
below is a photo of me struggling with a real bottle of champagne...struggling to open it, not drink it.... :)

anyway, i am super tired and have to teach pre-k i need to go study my lesson plan and catch some zzzzzz.......'s........and then i need to stop procrastinating and spend my weekend working on my senior show application.....and maybe even some job applications.....and even homework? maybe it's not "if you build it, they will come" but rather "if you write it on your blog for everyone to read you will actually do it".....haha.....

hopefully admist all of this "doing" i will find time to work on my new painting and maybe even some new collages/drawings/ that there will be new work up here soon....! :)

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