Monday, March 2, 2009

peek into my flowers and pictures...

i've been working on my apartment lately, and also set up a little workstation for myself and my artwork. plus i bought some new flowers and new tulips, so i thought it was time for some updated pictures! above is my bathroom- with some of the beautiful flowers in an ikea vase, and my new toothbrush cup that has a cool pink flower-like design on it, which i got at anthropologie on sale for just a couple dollars!
this picture is of my bedside table (from a thrift store in hampden). on it is a flea market plate with beautiful designs, cheap ikea vase (which i love) with more of the beautiful flowers, my stack of books, the turtle with volcanic stone (i'm pretty sure) and a pearly stone (can't remember the name) that pw got me in mexico, and an ikea lamp.

looking into my kitchen from a far corner of the room. you can see my stack of magazines, and the purple tulips in the awesome red-orange ikea pot on the table. maire's paintings are peeking in on the right corner and my antique indigo goblets (from an ginny's antiques on anna maria island) look beautiful in the light....

my new workstation, complete with fresh paper. behind it select polaroids are laid out on green storage boxes sitting on my tibetan chest (which you can't see). on the mantle are my some of my favorite photos, my cameras, my collection of blue and white vases, my spider plant, and my "natural wonders" collection: bowls full of shells and stones from different beaches. there's also a piece of art of a girl on a beach and the maps poster from the maps show at the walter's from last year.

looking at my bed from my desk, before the workstation was set up. you can see my books, my globe, another piece of maire's work, and my bed with the new bedding i just got for my birthday.

these final two shots are some close-ups of parts of my bulletin boards and the stuff on them.

i love how the apartment is coming along....although soon enough i'm going to have to pack it all up and move anyway! ~sae

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