Wednesday, March 18, 2009

new painting + new polaroids!

newest painting- 2009- possibly still in progress? no title yet....probably no.7

mt. royal avenue from station, baltimore, md, 2005 (?)

sarah, lindsay, and ashley, anna maria, fl, 2006 (?)

hi!!!! i'm sorry i've been ever so lazy lately about posting! i was doing so good putting up a polaroid a day, but then spring break hit and so did a wave of extreme laziness....i've been hibernating....but i'm in a super good positive mood today, i had a great st. patty's day and i hope everyone else did too! and i am also feeling super productive, so here at last are two new polaroids AND....ta-da!- a new painting! FINALLY! it's been 2 years!!!!! CRAZY! i'm super pumped and hope everyone else enjoys it....i have not decided if it is finished, i think i'm going to move on and start a new one and think about it for awhile....i welcome comments and opinions on the matter, though!

otherwise everything has been smooth sailin over here, the weather can't make up it's mind as to whether or not it's spring yet, but luckily it's been very pleasant today. lovely, in fact.

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  1. Like the painting and the polaroids, Sarah...I don't know if the painting is done either! Nice to see your stuff - keep on it...Dad