Monday, February 16, 2009

very sad news

a classmate of mine, gabriella camejo, died yesterday evening after being hit by a car here in baltimore. another classmate who was with her was also hit, and he is in serious condition at the hospital. i knew gabriella freshman year, and she has been my classmate for four years. even though we weren't close, i was shocked to hear the news and very saddened. life is so short and can be gone in an instant. we all need to remember this everyday and make our lives as full and wonderful as they can be, concentrating on what is truly important: love, family, friends, and being as happy as possible and with the people we love while we are here on earth.
r.i.p. gabby

Thursday, February 12, 2009

if i only had a brain

i am trying to work on this visual/verbal journey for joan (watson) and my brain is MUSH. MUSSHHHYY MUSH-MUSH. i am too tired to think straight, let alone write/observe anything profound about art. in fact, trying to make it profound or worrying it won't be profound is probably part of the problem. i am so unsure of everything i am writing. someone save me from this mess. maybe this cup of red rose tea will do it. or miranda july. she could be a good jumping off point. "learning to love my VISUAL/VERBAL JOURNEY more" ~sarah

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

tulips, newly painted tray, and cooking/baking bonanza!

here are some new pictures- the tulips i just got (yay approaching spring!), the tray i just painted a beautiful "flaming embers" red/orange, and the crazy big amazing meal i made tonight. the recipe is from real simple magazine, it's macaroni and cheese updated with cauliflower, sour cream, dijon mustard, onions, and homemade breadcrumbs. YUM. then i made blondies to top it off. i wish i could share some with all of you! lovelovelove sarah

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Walters inspiration

good old Walters Art Museum. today my home sweet museum home reinforced for me why i love it so. besides being the best place to work EVER, and one of the greatest art museums for kids (in my personal opinion), it has an amazing collection (i say that for those of you out there who are dumb enough to not have gone yet and don't already know- i forgive you if you've been living on mars or some other faraway planet). this amazing collection never fails to inspire and delight, and since i spent some time probing it with my collections in/of baltimore city class today, i have renewed vigor, interest, and awe for it. above are a few things which inspired/excited me on this trip for your viewing pleasure. please be sure to go and see them in person, as i could not find an exact picture for every one! ~sarah

(from top to bottom: this vase is similar to the white porcelain vases they have that are super beautiful; this lyre clock is so cool- around the face it has all the different symbols of astrology signs corresponding to different numbers; blue and white china is a favorite of mine- to see and to collect cheap knockoffs; sevres porcelain- this is a piece they actually have but one of my favorites is a pink pair of vases (?) with elephant handles; the cabinet of curiosities- this is a painting of one but it hangs in the actual cabinet of curiosities in the museum, which is wonderful and i am especially fond of the natural wonders section- there will definitely be a later post relating to my own natural wonders collection!; and finally, in the spirit (blah) of valentine's day (double blah) is this painting- love the colors and composition!- of a gentleman stirring the object of his affection's lemonade- she is love sick and he wants her to know he loves her too. so he stirs her lemonade. if only it was that simple!)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

grey day

"losing love is like a window in your heart:
everybody sees you're blown apart"
-paul simon

i am starving for human affection today and prone to falling into the empty and damaged parts of my heart. blah. plus it's been snowing all day (not real snow, just the kind you WISH would stick) and i've been reading all day and now i have to go to CLASS. till 945. ugh.

note to self: get back to work on your art!

i think what i really need is a nap or a drink!