Thursday, September 10, 2009


this blog will not be going anywhere in cyberspace or beyond, you can still come and enjoy it anytime you like. there just won't be any new posts here any longer (but remember, there will be new posts at my new blogs- see previous post!)
also, the new blogs are still sort of in the construction phase, but should be up and running soon enough, so check in and see how the progress is going and get excited!

new blogs!

Hi everyone (although I think "everyone" is probably only my parents):
I have created two new blogs, and from now on I will be posting only on them and will be retiring "Caravan".  "Caravan" has been a great "trial" blog and I've enjoyed keeping you all (Mom and Dad) updated on my big & little life happenings through it.  But now it's on to bigger and better blogs (aka B&BBB), so here are the new addresses: a blog devoted to the artwork of- you guessed it- me!
and a blog about art and art history by an artist and art lover, designed to be read and enjoyed by artists and non-artists alike (can I find a way to put another "artist" in that sentence somewhere? there, I did it: artist.)

please read these and enjoy as you have read and enjoyed this blog, and please, please please: COMMENT.

thanks and love, sarah