Thursday, September 10, 2009

new blogs!

Hi everyone (although I think "everyone" is probably only my parents):
I have created two new blogs, and from now on I will be posting only on them and will be retiring "Caravan".  "Caravan" has been a great "trial" blog and I've enjoyed keeping you all (Mom and Dad) updated on my big & little life happenings through it.  But now it's on to bigger and better blogs (aka B&BBB), so here are the new addresses: a blog devoted to the artwork of- you guessed it- me!
and a blog about art and art history by an artist and art lover, designed to be read and enjoyed by artists and non-artists alike (can I find a way to put another "artist" in that sentence somewhere? there, I did it: artist.)

please read these and enjoy as you have read and enjoyed this blog, and please, please please: COMMENT.

thanks and love, sarah

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