Thursday, January 29, 2009

the hebrew seeds are hangin in there

I am so happy right now to be re-opening my blog and re-making it in every way and hopefully actually keeping it up from now on. i was just reading a post on design*sponge from the weeders digest column about the sad scarcity of plants in the wintertime, and was glad to look right and see my little flower seedlings hangin in there. I got the seeds for free at Artscape last summer from the Baltimore Hebrew Congregation (I think?), and they have been kinda pathetic, honestly. Nonetheless they're alive now, despite my neglectful behavior with them. I am amazed at their strength, and hope that one day they will actually bloom. I am glad it is a real possibility. (isn't it great how sometimes you write things and realize they could be one huge metaphor for something else? i think that's great.)

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